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Established in 1966, the Post is dedicated to serving veterans, their families, and
the community of Vernon and its neighbors. We provide a number of programs to
enhance educational opportunities including college scholarship and Voice of
Democracy and youth essay contests. We support both youth and adult athletic
programs. Annually we give special recognition to inidividuals who demonstrate
true love and respect for our nation through our Loyalty Day program. We provide
social activities for our members and their guests at our Post Home on Route 94;
and, if you enjoy parading in uniform and proudly displaying your campaign
ribbons, then you might consider joining our award winning Post Color Guard
which ranks among the best anywhere. Additionally, we host the annual Memorial
Day parade in Vernon. We are always looking for new members to join our ranks
or our Ladies Auxiliary. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Also, it is important for us that you utilize this website to its fullest. You can
maximize its benefit to you by contributing to it. Please feel free to send your
contributions, ideas, comments, criticisms, etc. Just forward to the e-mail address
shown in the upper right corner and you're on your way! Thank you.

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Post Meetings 1st Sunday - 2pm